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Enver Can
15-08-11, 04:54

The Chinese respond respond to WUC statement for Kasgar attacks lucks any subbstance to convince the world public openion on the points it makes. Besiides it does not suit to a world power to come up with such a cheap and useless arguments. The author of the article seems to have no idea about the facts in East Turkestan. He just follewes the official dogmatic Communist Party lines without thinking about his audiance. Surely this article would harm the Chinese position, instead of boosting its arguments.

Thus It begins with:
QUOTE " That the World Uygur Congress (WUC) would do their best to distort the facts and mislead world opinion about the terrorist attacks in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region was probably to be expected. But we are astounded that WUC leader Rebiya Kadeer tried to shift the blame onto the Chinese government when she published a statement about the terrorist attack in Kashgar on July 30 and 31." UNQUOTE

It is an internationally established norm that the governments are there to serve the people. If there are problems, the government must find a way to solve them, but not criminalize and terrorize its own people like the Chinese government have been practicing for decades. The Uyghur people of East Turkestan have been systematically depriving off their basic human rights, such as education in mother tongue, warshipping, traditional life style, discriminated against in social and political life and became a minority in their own land. If the Chinese government claims the opposite, it has let international observers, including fact finding missions of the UN, the EU and Islamic Conference, to establish the truth. otherwise the international community woulld not believe to the Chinese propaganda apparat.

QUOTE „Clearly she is quite happy to turn a blind eye to the various preferential policies the central government has been promoting to support the economic growth of the region and improve the lives of Uygurs and residents of other ethnic groups over the past decades".UNQUOTE

No one must turn his blind eye, in contrary if someone looks carefully into the real situation of the Uyghur people of East Turkestan, would easily find out thar the so cqalled preferential policy is harming the Uyghurs, insetead of bringing properity to them. Thus, under these policy their traditional homes and towns have been destroyed,their youth work force have been takrn into Chinese mainland to sinicize them and they have been discriminated against in labour markt. The fact is that the Han chinese mostly benefit from the so called preferential economic policy, because the Etrterprises are owned by the chinese, and they either bring their workers from the mainland or recruit mostly among Han chinese migrants of East Turkestan.

QUOTE "lthough she did not mention "Xinjiang independence" in her statement, she repeatedly used "East Turkistan", which explicitly reveals the relationship between the WUC and extremist forces that has been working to disturb the peace and stability in Xinjiang and fan sentiments against the Chinese government in the name of "East Turkistan". UNQUOTE

„East Turkestan“ is a historic name given by the Arab and Persian travellers to this region , meaning eastern part of a land where Turkic peoples live. Accordiingly, our anchesters called the names of two independent Republics they consequently established in 1933 and 1944 as "East Turkestan". It is a historical fact! No one must have any relationship with any extremist or not extremist forces to pronounce the name of her homeland. Why China calls it "Xinjiang", because it is a new territory for them wich they occupeid and ennexed to their Empire.

QUOTE „We know why the WUC and its leader Rebiya Kadeer always twist the facts about what happens in Xinjiang. It is because social stability and the improved standard of living for people of all ethnic groups are the last thing they want to see. No one who now enjoys a better life and the stable social environment will want this region to be "independent". UNQUOTE

Ofcourse, everyone, including Mrs. Rabiye Qadeer and every human being wishes social stabillity and well being of peoples around the world. The opposite would be evil! But, working for the stability and prosperity of its citizens are basic and vital duties of the state and the government. China has to prove and convince the world public that its is really striving for the stability and prosperity of its peoples, instead of strengthening the power of the outdated communist Party.

QUOTE „Separatists and extremists have no right to deprive residents from different ethnic groups of their right to seek a better life in a stable social environment. They are imposing their own will upon the majority of Uygur residents by resorting to violence. And Rebiya Kadeer and her WUC are doing the same by telling lies and twisting the facts." UNQUOTE

No one in East Turkestan and definately NOT the WUC or Rabiya Qadeer would promote violance.It is a historic habit of the chinese government to seek the reasons outside, instead of reforming itself. Everyone remembers that during the half a century of their rule the chinese communist regime at occations blamed the so called American "paper tigers" and former "Soviet Union" for its problems, the late Isa Yusuf Alptekin after the „Baren Uprising“ and now the poor Rabiya Qadeer!!!
I doubt that the author of the article believes himself in what he writes. If the day comes, and definitely it will come, when the WUC will be able, as the author claims, to impose its will upon the majority of the Uyghur residents of East Turkestan, that would mean the beginning of thev end of the chinese rule!!!

QUOTE „There can be no justifying terrorism. Terrorism is a threat to innocent lives; it is a threat to development, to peace and to the fundamental principles of human civilization. In the same way, Rebiya Kadeer and her WUC, by trying to justify and condone terrorism with lies and false accusations, are going against humanity. UNQUOTE

The author, a senior editor with the „China Daily“, is right. There is no justification for terrorism.The WUC is an internationally operating NGO based in Germany, works peacefully according to the democratic laws of its host country, promotion of peace and democracy is firmly enshrined in its charter. On the other hand it is also internationally established fact that the chinese government have been employing state terrorism against Uyghur civilian population. If the chinese government ceases to terrorize its citizens they would not listen to any outside voice.

Summing up I would propose the wrtiter of the article to travell to East Turkestan and see the situation with his own eyes,and then he will be able to write a story wich might be more convincing .Rememeber, the articles in the „China Daily“ is read by a variaty of readers around the world!!

Enver Can

16-08-11, 04:27
Eniwerjanka nime deptu? imkan bosa, terjüme qip qoygan bosangla.

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This is a good and timely response.