View Full Version : 8 dead, 28 injured in knife attack in north-west China

31-07-11, 13:49

31-07-11, 14:26
Out of the 8 that died in the truck/knife attack 7 were Uyghur civilians. It was the Chinese who attacked the Uyghur neighborhood and killed 7 Uyghurs until the Uyghurs killed one of the Chinese attackers and caught the other one on Saturday night, but the Chinese government didn't do anything to the Chinese attacker and let him go and arrested Uyghurs for killing the Chinese attacker, so that's why Sunday 2 Uyghurs retaliated with bombings which killed a Chinese paramilitary police, and some other Chinese. Because the Chinese didn't know who attacked them, they shot dead random Uyghurs in the area, and now starts the mass arrest, Kashgar is now under marital law and security forces have blocked all entrance into Kashgar and are searching for the Uighur revolutionaries.