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22-07-11, 11:32
自江泽民病危及病死的消息传出以来,如何给江泽民盖棺定论,已成为中共当局极具争议和头痛的事情,甚至由此 引发政治斗争。江泽民的生平劣迹,也引起海内外各界的关注。本台对江泽民的恶行丑事做出系列报导,今天是最 后一集〝全球公审江泽民〞。

2003年9月30号,〝全球公审江泽民大联盟〞成立,欧、美、亚、澳四大洲100多个组织和个人加盟。〝 大联盟〞倡议书指出,十三年来,江泽民欺世害民,将灾祸带遍了中华大地乃至世界,他的罪恶挑战了人类共同的 基本价值

Jiang Zemin’s death or illness has led to a dispute in
the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regarding Jiang’s life.
Jiang’s notorious deeds have attracted wide attention.
NTD is making a series of reports on Jiang’s life.
Today is the last episode of the series.
It is about the global public trial of Jiang Zemin.

On September 30, 2003, Global Coalition
to Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice was established in Europe,
North America, Asia and Australia.
It is composed of over 100 organizations and individuals.
Global Coalition’s proposal pointed out that in the past
13 years Jiang Zemin had harmed and deceived the public.
He had brought disasters to China and the world.
His crimes challenge the fundamental values ​​of mankind.