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18-07-11, 20:21
The Hotan "Riot" might have happened after the police arrested innocent Uyghurs who against the government's seizure of their land for the benit of immigrant Han Chinese. Those "hostanges" as mentioned in Chinese news might be the people who were arrested by the police and those "terrorists" were frustrated Uyghurs who tried to rescue them. It is very hard to believe the Chinese official version which makes no sense in most cases. The Chinese government has professionals whose jobs are making up official versions. The true version comes from the people who witnessed. However, witnesses might be blaimed as terrorists if they speak truth about incident.

18-07-11, 20:53

they said Chinese arresting Uyghur youth for no reason and the rally is from the relatives demanding the release of their beloved ones... either case, both the hostage and rescuer are Uyghurs and of course all the dead people are Uyghurs as well, but the Chinese propaganda machine will fabricate even more ridiculous stories...

20-07-11, 01:43
Simple logic: The Chinese government does not allow independent reporters or investigators come to the place where something against the government happens means the government version is wrong.