View Full Version : Wen Zhou Gang in Kashgar

15-07-11, 02:11
Wen Zhou bussinesses have been taking over Uyghur and public land in Kashgar, in extremely cheap prices, over the last decade by giving bribes, threatenning, bullying and using sex workers. The local high ranking officials who, if any, refuse to accept bribes will be victimized by any means. The gang has members who are brutal and very dishonest. News about this mafia like gang's existence and brutallity are widespread among local Uyghurs. The Wen Zhou gang obtains land and other properties much cheaper than the marked price and makes extremely large profit in short times. The gang has build illigal gambling places and brothols. The gang controls the Kashgar government officials and ruining Uyghurs bussinesses and families.

I hope newly arrived Uyghurs to write more information about the Wen Zhou gang.

15-07-11, 09:40
Dude, whining is not an option in these days, proof what you are trying to say with evidences

15-07-11, 10:50
You may understand WHAT happens to the people who try to obtain PROOF, against government gangs, from those places. If could get a Chinese visa, if I am allowed to speak to the victims, if I am not killed by the gang in Kashgar through "car accident", if I am allowed to record, if am not strip searched in the border in Shanghai, after hundreds of ifs, then I could bring tonnes of evidences... That is what I always wish to do. That what many Uyghur are dying for...

Millions of people are employed for Chinese government propaganda, but no independent Uyghur is allowed to obtain proof for the wrong doings of the communist regime in the region.

Sorry, I cannot send you any proof as CCTV does.