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11-07-11, 07:53
July 5 is the 2nd anniversary of Xinjiang Incident.
The locals are still under high pressure from Beijing.
World Uyghur Congress spokesman says that
Beijing not only covers up the truth,
but also keeps cracking down on dissidents.
The Uyghurs warn Beijing that they will not stop
protesting until the day when the truth is made public.

Xinjiang authorities were on high alert before July 5.
As per Xinhua News, in Xinjiang』s capital Urumchi,
police lately arrested 109 people.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media didn』t
mention anything about the July 5 Incident.
Xinhua News only stressed Xinjiang』s importance
as China』s gateway to the world
and underlined Xinjiang』s 160 trading partners.
There have been high-profile reports about
Xinjiang』s CCP secretary Zhuang Chunxian
having a revelry with the locals on July 4.

Free World Uyghur Congress said that on July 1,
four Uyghur men were arrested by the police,
after the police dispersed a rally outside of a mosque.
The four men』s whereabouts are unknown.

Dilxat Raxit (World Uyghur Congress spokesman):
During the past 2 years, the CCP has never changed
its policy of systematic persecution in the region.
As per the information gained via various channels,
the number of people killed, detained or executed
is several times of the officially announced figure.

The fuse of the July 5 Incident was a group fight
in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, in June 2009.
During the fight, two Uyghur men died.

A large-scale conflict between the Uyghur and Han
ethnic groups took place on July 5, 2009, in Urumchi.
As per the media, nearly 200 died and 1,700 injured.
Later, the CCP regime executed nine people for
“inciting unrests” and detained hundreds of people.

Dilxat Raxit: The Uyghurs have been suppressed for
2 years, without receiving any non-controlled info.
Their rights to express different views are deprived.
Any Uyghur can be detained or interrogated by police
without any judicial procedures.

Sun Yanjun, expert on China, suggests that
The World Uyghur Congress will surely be supported
by the international community.
However, the CCP may try to divide and bribe
some organizations to help relieve media pressure.

Sun Yanjun: the CCP mainly will exchange
economic interests for political interests,
to gain support from some governments and people.
Within China, the CCP has already used military forces.
It will dispatch armed police,
who are kept on high alert.

Dilxat says the region is on the verge of an explosion,
and Beijing is responsible for all the problems.

He appealed to people around the world. He hopes
all who love democracy and respect the rule of law
will join forces to pressure the CCP to
unconditionally accept the EU and UN investigations
of the July 5 Incident.

NTD reporters Zhou Yulin,Li Jing and Xiao Yu

11-07-11, 08:04