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In 1982 the Swedish diplomat and philologist Gunnar Jarring (1907-2002) donated his unique collection of manuscripts from Eastern Turkestan to the University Library in Lund. It is an extremely rich collection of Eastern Turkestan manuscripts, the third largest in the world. The manuscripts come from the periphery of the Islamic world in Central Asia, nowadays the Chinese province of Xinjiang, from cities like Kashghar and Yarkand, situated along the old Silk Road.
The Jarring Collection consists of 560 manuscripts, of which many are miscellanies, dating from the 16th to the 20th century. Gunnar Jarring bought part of the collection himself during his stay in the area in 1929-1930 while making field studies for his doctoral thesis in Turkish languages. The majority of the collection are books in languages from Eastern Turkestan, mainly Uighur but also Uzbek and Chagatai. There are also Persian and Arabic manuscripts. Besides reflecting the Eastern Turkestan society and culture with classic and folk literature, Islamic religious manuscripts, judicial and historic documents, manuals of medicine, trades and mysticism etc., the collection

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