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23-02-06, 21:59
The Center for Eurasian, Russian and Eastern European Studies at Georgetown is sponsoring a showing of the film "Kings of the Sky" about the famous Uyghur tightrope walker Adiljan (Adil Hoshur or Hoxur). The film follows Adiljan and his troupe on a tour through several towns and cities in southern Xinjiang, discusses his own career, and the problems faced by Uyghurs in the region. There is some wonderful footage of dawaz performance, as well as some of Chinese police engaging in rough crowd control.

The film will be of great interest to the Uyghur community, and I hope you will spread the word. All are welcome. Here is a link to a brief description of the film:


It will be shown on the Georgetown Campus on February 28 starting at 5:30. Prof. James Millward will briefly introduce the film and moderate question and answer for a short while afterwards. The film is 68 mins. long.

Georgetown University
ICC building (Inter-Cultural Center) room 115 (see map)
5:30-7:00 on Feb. 28, 2006

The ICC building is no. 27 on the map at this link:


23-02-06, 23:56
Bu filmni kop anglap kettim, Washingtongha yekhin bolghan bolsam bir korup khoyarkenmen. Adilning namini kop anglidukh, bu film arkhilikmu uning maritini bir koriwalidighan pursetken. Korgenlerdin soriwalarmen.....