View Full Version : Why China needs so much oil?

23-02-06, 05:01
We have learned from the recent reports China is making great effors to get oil from any sources. A pipeline from the Taklamakan Desert to Shanghai, another pipeline from Russia to China, still another one from Kazakhsatn to China. Currently Musharef is in China and he has offered for making Pakistan's contribution to possible the pipeline from Saudi Arabia to China via Pakistan. And yet, this is not the end of it. China has signed several contracts with African countries to open up their oilfield and China is in deep shit in fighting with Japan partly because of the oil exploration in the East Sea. We may wonder why China is need of so much oil?
Any opinions???

23-02-06, 05:26
Actually oil is not the main source of China's energy. China is still heavily relying on coal, which occupies 68% of total energy consumption. Oil only accounts for 24%, Natural gas 3%.
As for why China has insatiable appetite for oil, I think the main reasons are:
1. Industry, especially heavy industry, is expanding rapidly.
2. Inefficient energy Use is still prevalent.
3. Individual cars are increasing in great numbers.
Maybe there are some other reasons. Looking forward to other opinions.