View Full Version : Uyghur knives and Uyghur Ikkah (Edles)

13-02-06, 17:41
I made a visit to Kashgar and Khotan last summer. To my surprise, the Uyghur knives are not allowed to take in check-in luggage at Kashgar Airport but it is allowed to do so at Urumchi Airport. In Khotan, local authorities ordered to cut down all the mulberry trees because they provide too much shade for cotton to grow better. Cosequently, the Uyghur knife sellers in Kashgar cannot sell their knives and the Uyghur families in Khotan cannot weave the traditional silk, edles (Ikkah). We also learned there is only one family left in Khotan to make paper which was believed to have been invented much ealier than the Chinese. Any opinions or comments???

15-02-06, 09:03
Bu maqalini tärjimä qilip qidighanlar babu?zadi.

Uygur pichahliri toghrisida yazghandäk qilidu.

16-02-06, 22:28
if you had introduced yourself
you would have been more esteemed.

Khotan paper is still being made and there are more papermakers than you can imagine.

what is rare
is patriotic and concerned Uygurs
who are dedicated to preserve their culture
or whatever is left of it.

your spelling gives you away,