View Full Version : do you care about our feature my dear Uyghur countryman ?

03-03-11, 15:32
check this out first, then read commons below


So, once again ! the same Chinese , the same lair, the same bull shit! for god sick, when the hell you people will change?
you are willing to give the supper power to your same blood brothers-hongkongnese and taiwanese; you are willing to give "duper" power to your religious "friends"- the tibatians. behind all of your beautiful decorations, where are the poor Uighur people? the majority of eastern turkistan- the land of Turkic people ! but don't get me wrong, we are not waiting for your charity, after so many years, we know how to deal with the people like you .if you don't realize how special we are and how important rules we are playing in the your history,if you don't wanna give the Uighur real freedom what we deserve, then be my guest ! we will get what we want, and i swear to Anla that you will get a chance to see it in your life time, it's not too far away now.
Long live Eastern Turkistan ! Long live Uighur people !