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19-02-11, 07:53
London Uyghur Ansabili 2011- yili 2- ayning 21- kuni kech sa'et 7 de Hangariyening Budapisht shehri prezident mehmanxanisi zalida Uyghur sen'itidin konsert beridu.

London Uyghur Ensemble performs for The PEN Conference on Uyghur-Hungarian Writers literature & cultural exchange symposium of PEN International Ural-Altai Network Conference on 21 February, 2011. Venue: President Hotel Budapest, Hungary. Time 7:00 pm

http://www.uyghurensemble.co.uk/graphic/PEN_Conference_on_Uyghur_Hungarian_Writers_literat ure_cultural_exchange.jpg

The Uyghur PEN calling it second Congress from February 20-24, 2011 in Budapest - Hungary. Congress schedule include report from 2011 and future plan - project of Uyghur PEN. With this opportunity Uyghur PEN, Hungarian PEN and Hungarian writers union call literal and Cultural exchange conference. These events are first time in the history of this two cousin’s after long 1500 years of separation.

The PEN Conference on Uyghur-Hungarian Writers literature and cultural exchange symposium of PEN International Ural - Altai Network Conference (21st February Afternoon) will be a half a day, combined cultural and literary gathering. The conference will bring together writers, poets, Journalist and linguists of Uyghur and Hungarian people - languages family of “Ural-Altaic” language. On the literary side, the conference will include presentations of papers on literature and freedom of expression, we will invite poets from these countries to read their original work. For the cultural context of the conference, on 21st February 7:00 PM - The London Uyghur Ensemble give performance of Uyghur folk music & song.

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mubarek bolsun. Ishinglar teximu ronaq tapsun!