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23-01-11, 22:48
3 Chinese national were caught in uttar Pradesh on Monday last were found to be tourists who entered India "by mistake". They will be deported soon.1 WOMAN, 2 ENGINEERS - 1 OBJECTIVE "ESPIONAGE". 1) Liao Xing, 2) Yu Dangli and 3) Yang Liv were arrested by Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) personnel near Rupaidiha district of Bahraich after they were "found moving about mysteriously and taking pictures of some important installations in the are, including some Indian Military sites and camps".THE BAHRAICH DISTRICT - HOT BED OF NEPALI- MAOIST ACTIVITY!The Bahraich district is the site of Nepali Maoists (Nepals terrorist group) anti- India campaign and propaganda designed at provoking India and also throwing Nepal Prime Minister Madhau Kamar Napal out of power. FOREIGN INVOLVEMENT IN ANTI-INDIAN CAMPAIGN SUSPECTEDIndian officials are right to be concerned about this. A google search revealed that token demonstration in Maoist dominated cities in Southern Nepal on May 1, 2010 , and the arrest of a man suspected of supplying explosives to Maoists with over 50 detonators near the indo-nepal border in Uttar Pradesh's Bahraich district about 3 months ago. The entire area is a hotbed of activity that poses serious political and national security concerns for India, which is trying to protect itself and the people. It seems a substantial population of nearly eight million Nepali residents in India (primarily in Sikkim, Darjeeling, Siliguri, Shillong, Dehradun, Himachal, Pradesh and Gorkpur-Lucknow belts) have established a countrywide organization called the Akhil Bharatiya Nepal Ekta Samaj (ABNES). It was banned under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) in July 2002 by the Government of India.CHINESE CONDUCTING SUIVELLANCE OPERATIONS - COLLECTING INTELLIGENCE INFORMATIONThe Chinese were conducting suivellance on Indian troopers in the area that much is clear. It is well known that Chinese intelligence activity in other countries is very heavy. China is for example the largest colelctor in the Netherlands, as well as in several other EU countries and one of the top five intelligence collectors in the US. Chinese rely, much like the Russians on human intelligence (HUMINT) operations and rely on collecting a small amount of information from a large number of people... For the most part they run multiple operations in each country and employee many individuals in their operations...The Indian's are still investigating this spy scandal. CHINESE INTERESTS IN MONITORING SITUATION CLEARThe Chinese spy interest is very peculiar, but could point to their well know interest in monitoring the political and military situation in Nepal, as well spying on India itself. In fact India has quietly informed companies recently to avoid using Chinese made telecommunications equipment, fearing that it may have spy capabilities embedded with the technology. And, India's elite intelligence service, Research and Analysis (RAW) believes that China is using dozens of study centers that ot has set up in Nepal near the Indian border in part for the purposes of spying on IndiaPOSING SPIES AS 'TOURISTS' - AN OLD CHINESE TRICK OF THE TRADE The fact that the Chinese are posing spies as 'tourists' is not unusual and Chinese intelligence operates large cadres of spies that routinely travel around the world and target a wide range of different countries including India and Nepal. For more information on Chinese spying see website: http://wn.wikipedia.org/wiki/chinese_intelligence_activity_in_other_countries Robert Tilford