View Full Version : Student researcher in Denver looking for Uyghurs to interview

10-01-11, 18:21
Hi all- we received this request today at the Uyghur American Association:


My name is Matthew Miller, I am currently a student at the University of Denver in their Masters in International Security program. I am looking to do a project on the destruction of Uyghur identity by the Chinese government as a source of unrest. I would like to interview any Uyghurs who would be willing to talk about their views on culture, economic opportunity, and treatment by the Chinese government who have moved into the Denver area. Unfortunately my command of Mandarin is minimal and I don't speak Uyghur so I would be looking for people who can speak English. Your assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Matthew Miller

Matthew can be contacted by e-mail at this address: mjmiller1824@gmail.com. He is also open to doing telephone interviews with Uyghurs who do not live in the Denver area.