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02-02-06, 18:17
UNPO Presidency Meeting in The Hague Discusses Reform

The meeting took place on 28 and 29 January 2006, and brought together Presidency Members, elected at the VII GA, to discuss the issue of UNPO reform.

Attending at the meeting were representatives from several of UNPO’s member nations and peoples, gathered in The Hague to discuss and outline principles of reform for the organization. On the agenda were aspects of the organisation’s structure, operations and procedures, as well as the challenges to UNPO Members in the current international political realm.

“In the post-9/11 environment increasing nationalist policies in major non-democratic countries has resulted in a markedly deteriorated situation for the world’s voiceless and oppressed nations and peoples,” General Secretary Marino Busdachin states, adding that “this is a crucial moment for UNPO to outline a strategy, in particular, for strengthening democracy and further non-violent methodologies as part of the wider agenda of reform.”

The points for discussion on the issue of reform will be subject to further elaboration at a resumed meeting scheduled later this spring. Subsequent to extended deliberation and drafting, the resulting recommendations will be presented to the VIII UNPO General Assembly for its consideration in October later this year.