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UCA News
31-01-06, 16:46
On February 5th of 1997 in Ghulja, the Northwest City of East Turkistan, thousands of Uyghurs took the street to protest the systematic mistreatment of Chinese Authorities and demanded their basic rights. Instead of listening their legitimate concerns , Chinese Government deployed military and paramilitary forces and crackdown them with no mercy.

Since then, February 5th has been remembered by Uyghur people as one of the most tragic days in our recent history to pay respect for those brave men and women who paid ultimate price for peacefully demanding their rights from Chinese Authority.

At the end of that day tens of thousands of people have been arbitrarily arrested, sentenced for long term imprisonment and hundreds of them executed with death penalty.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been directly affected by this massacre and thousands of them have managed to escape to Western democratic countries for asylum.

Since then, Uyghurs around the free world have commemorated this day as a day of remembrance by holding various activities.

Uyghur Canadian Association is going to mark the 9th Anniversary of Bloody Ghulja Massacre , by holding a protest in front of Chinese Consulate General in Toronto.

Protest demonstration will be held in front of Chinese Consulate General on 1-2PM on Saturday, February 4th, 2006 to remember this day.

Please come and join to make our voice heard.

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