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27-01-06, 19:27
I am posting this message on behalf of one of my professors. Please contact the EMPLOYER with address shown below if you have any questions.
Good luck.

Uyghur Translators Wanted

> U.S. government office seeks experienced Uyghur-English contract
> translators. Successful candidates must be able to translate and
> summarize written Uyghur into good, idiomatic English. The job
> requires the ability to read Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic scripts of
> Uyghur, and to have a solid understanding of China's political system
> and Islam.
> Candidates will work from home, must provide their own computers, and
> have access to and familiarity with the Internet, PDF, and e-mail.
> Please send to OW_ICManagement@rccb.osis.gov

a cover letter and resume, in English, which includes the following information:
> Estimated translation capacity per day/week (number of words). Any
> areas of expertise, including technical fields, and area knowledge.
> Any additional skills (for example, audio capability, ability to
> translate from audio sources). Translation experience.
> Citizenship/permanent residence status. Remuneration rate expected per
> 1,000 translated English words.