View Full Version : Pakistan is pearl in the eyes of Chinese: Scholar

18-10-10, 03:05
Pakistan Times' China Bureau

BEIJING (China): In the eyes of Chinese people, Pakistan is a pearl. The Chinese people treasure the great friendship between the two countries, said a prominent Chinese scholar.

On National Day, an elementary school in Honan Province organized a fundraiser for the flood victims in Pakistan.The school Principal sent a cheque of US$ 220 to Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Masood Khan, said a Professor at Tsinghua University Li XiGuang in a an article “Sino-Pakistani links stay solid in all weathers” published in English daily Global Times.

In his letter, the school principal wrote that he had been moved by Pakistan’s support and contributions around the Sichuan earthquake. “As a journalism educator, I was deeply touched by this, which reminded me of my own experience as a student”, said professor Li. He said during his visit to Pakistan early this year, he felt overwhelmingly that many Pakistani people love China more than Chinese love their own country.

Pakistan has proved to be China’s closest friend and the only political and military ally to stay consistent in all weathers. “China owes its opening-up to the outside world to Pakistan” Li observed. As a leader in the Islamic world, Pakistan helped connect China to the Arab countries and the rest of the Islamic world. For example, after the Urumqi riots in 2009, Pakistani government made great efforts in explaining to the rest of Islamic world the Chinese viewpoint on the riots.

In 1971, Pakistan helped make arrangements for Henry Kissinger’s visit to China and Nixon’s subsequent trip. In 1987 when I was a journalist, I reported the visit by Professor Abdus Salam, a Noble Laureate from Pakistan. During Salam’s visit, he met Deng Xiaoping. During the meeting Deng Xiaoping expressed his full support of Salam’s idea of strengthening the scientific and technological ties among third world countries.

Deng told Salam that scientists from the third world countries should feel self-confident and proud in serving their own countries with their scientific achievements. “I am always proud of Pakistani scientists’ achievements. I deeply admire Pakistani scientists and engineers for their hard work and talents in developing their country’s science and technology” he observed.

Like China, Pakistan is a developing country. But its people and the government give full support to its science and technology program even though people live in poverty. Because Pakistan has strong defense science and technology, China feels very safe and peaceful in its frontier regions like Xinjiang and Tibet. There will be absolutely no stability in Xinjiang and Tibet without the solid brotherhood of Pakistan.

Pakistan is at the crossroads of the legendary Silk Road between China and the West.