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26-01-06, 09:40
Rafto winner rammed by van

Rebiya Kadeer, winner of the annual Norwegian human rights Rafto Award in 2004, was attacked by a mysterious van earlier this month.

The Rafto Foundation views the incident as part of a campaign of threats against Kadeer, who fights for the rights of the minority Uighur people in China.

Kadeer, who now lives in the USA, was driving home in Washington DC on Jan. 6 when her car was struck by a van, newspaper Bergens Tidende reports. The van backed up and drove into Kadeer's vehicle a second time. The van made a third attempt, but Kadeer exited from her car, and the van then drove off.

The attacking vehicle had been stolen and the driver never apprehended. Kadeer was not seriously injured, but Rafto Foundation board chairman Arne Lynngård expressed concern.

Lynngård said that Kadeer has been repeatedly threatened by Chinese authorities, though this has not dampened her efforts to gain recognition for the oppressed Uighurs.

(Aftenposten English Web Desk/NTB)

27-01-06, 06:23
how terrible and vicious the chinese are! it is scary...

27-01-06, 22:24
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how terrible and vicious the chinese are! it is scary...