View Full Version : Xinjiang governor urges attacks on 'schismatic activities'

23-01-06, 11:17
Xinjiang governor urges attacks on 'schismatic activities'

Beijing. January 19. INTERFAX-CHINA - China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region should "deal extremely serious blows to the schismatic activities of the 'three evils,'" - terrorism, separatism and extremism, the head of the Xinjiang Uyghur government, Ismail Televaldi, said on Tuesday.

"Xinjiang should pay extremely serious attention to the maintaining of stability," Televaldi said in a speech at a session of the regional representative assembly.

Xinjiang had made considerable progress in achieving greater freedom of worship, democracy and national unity, he said.

The region must, however, "resolutely follow the course of active... pre-emptive strikes against schismatic forces" and "cut short the activities of anti-governmental organizations, which make use of forces seeking ethnic schism and pursue subversive activities via the Internet and via religious circles," Televaldi said.

Chinese media said Televaldi made three references to this task in his speech.

There are occasional outbursts of nationalist and extremist activity in Xinjiang Uyghur, where a large number of Muslims live, a Chinese source said.

This "is a direct effect of the increase in terrorist activity on the part of Islamic extremists in recent years," the source told Interfax.


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