View Full Version : Wu supportive of MOI blocking Kadeer from coming to Taiwan

27-07-10, 01:37

Premier Wu Den-yih yesterday stated that it is due to a matter of national security that the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) forbids Rebiya Kadeer from visiting Taiwan and that he supports the MOI's decision. Uyghur activist Kadeer, whom China has labeled a terrorist for allegedly inciting ethnic violence in its far west, was invited by local organization Taiwanguts, which supported Democratic Progressive Party presidential election candidate Frank Hsieh (謝長廷) in 2008. Ten months ago, Taiwan banned Kadeer from visiting the island for three years, part of efforts to avoid angering China.
Wu said Taiwan has its own right to decide who can come into this island or not, which fully demonstrates Taiwan's sovereign integrity. Wu was not happy about the term “ban” which was used by the press in referring to this matter. “Every country has its own policy regarding immigration control for security reasons,” said Wu.

Although Kadeer cannot come, her daughter Raela Tosh arrived in Taiwan yesterday to promote a documentary about her mother; a prominent business woman who has been active in championing of the rights of her Chinese minority Muslim group since the late 1990s. Chinese authorities imprisoned Kadeer for her activities and exiled her to the United States in 2005.

Kadeer denied inciting ethnic violence one year ago in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, where tensions between the Uyghur and the Han majority had been steadily rising. According to China's official count, nearly 200 died last July, but activists say the real toll was much higher.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Tosh said the Chinese government's response helped fuel ethnic tensions. She said the government cut off Internet and phone access, which was only restored six months later, and kept secret the true number of deaths and arrests.

Tosh said the Uyghurs and the Han wanted to live side by side without problems, but “the Chinese government is not letting anyone live in that region peacefully and quietly.”