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22-07-10, 15:13

22-07-10, 15:38
Taiwan is ( The Republic of China) while China is (The Peoples Republic of China).. There is no difference between the two Chinas besides the fact that one poses to Democratic. Even if Communsit China took over Taiwan they wouldnt treat the Chinese people there differently, because they are the same damn Chinese ! Why are we Uyghrus so stupid and ignorant belieiving that Taiwan(Nationalist China) is different from Communist China. Was it not the Guomindang who invaded East Turkistan in the early 1900s and salughtered millions of innocent Uyghurs, did we forget the notorious murderer Sheng Shicai who was a Natioanlsit Chinese who lead to the first official Genocide of Uyghurs by the Chinese? Our leaders like Rebiya Kadeer and Omer Kanat, Nury Turkel need to not forget these hated parts of history, we need to not trust the damn Chinese wheter they be Nationalist or Democratic or Communist or even Muslim(tungan)! All the Chinese including Tungans have tricked Uyghurs into believing them and seeing the different from the others.Ma Zhancang( tungan) tricked Uyghurs in saying oh we are muslim Chinese we follow the same religion then what did he do, he lead to the deaths of hundred of thousands of Uyghurs and Turkistani people! Ey my fellow Uyghur Leader, my mother Rebiya Kadeer please do not fall for the tricks and games of these Chinese, for many of our leaders have fallen for it and it has lead to the destruction of our nation to the genocide of our people!! Please do not fall for these games for if we do we will not survive to the end!