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17-07-10, 08:45

18-07-10, 02:16
This is depressingly tragic. Today they dance in Uyghur coustmes while singing in chinese. Tommorow they will wear Chinese costumes and paint their eyes to look chinese and sing in Chinese. The rate at which the Uyghur culture is being degraded is truely inhumane. This not only brainwashes the Chinese citizens but also the Uyghur Childern who are being exposed to this ghastly material. I am ashamed of the Uyghurs who participated in the Video....they have stabbed our culture and mother tongue in the heart.

To combat this cultural genocide teach your childern everything about Uyghurs, their culture, and the beautiful Uyghur langulage. Let them grow in pride as an Uyghur who has protected his/her culture. In Eastern Turkistan Uyghur Childern are being brainwashed and are rapidly loosing their identities as Uyghurs...so in the free world practice your rights by protecting you identity... along with the langulage of your residing nation teach them Uyghur and Uyghur culture. If we can't perserve it at home, we'll perserve it abroad.