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Rast gepni qiliptu bu yigit....Hey kelgusidiki Uyghur yashliri Uyghurni bu yigitchilkmu chushunmesligi mumkin heyyyy

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Lost in the Muqam


"Inside the Twelve Muqam are many myths and stories ... the stories of the world are inside the Muqam, it's not just white paper, it's something mystical." Mahmut Mehmet

The Muqam, a traditional form of Uighur music, are large-scale pieces consisting of instrumental sections, sung poetry, stories and dance.

The most famous Twelve Muqam, known as the "Mother of Uighur music," consists of 360 different melodies and takes over 24 hours to play in full.

It was while studying in Beijing back in 2003 that I first heard local band The Tribesmen perform Uighur music to a small group of foreign students.

Who knew that years later I would be in China's Northwest Xinjiang province, on the trail of one of the most well known tambur players in the region...