View Full Version : Will there be protests against china on the anniversary of the Urumchi Massacre?

26-06-10, 22:54
Uyghurs have not forgotten what happened last july...especially those whose families and friends were affected. Last year Uyghurs around the world protested the massacre of Uyghurs in Urumchi and other parts of Eastern Turkistan. We need to continue these protests on the anniversary of the Urumchi Massacre not only in the remembrance of those who protested, those imprisoned, and those who died; but also for our own future. We need to remember those events and the brutal murder of our people...we need to continue our protests. The killing of Uyghurs by the Chinese have not stopped. Our people are being brutally beaten, tourtured, imprisoned, and killed every day... we need to protest China's State Terror.

I hope that the officals responsible for organizing such protest events have planned a protest in Washington DC, NY, and many more places. I ask them to please let us know the times and places of the events so we can prepare.