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23-06-10, 13:33
Dear Uighur brothers and sisters.

tomorrow, on June 24 at 10:00 a group of Uzbeks based in DC area and other places is getting together for a rally outside of the White House as president Obama is going to meet with the president of Russia Medvedev.

As you may know, for the past 10 days tragic events have been happening in southern Kyrgyzstan where a large groups of mobs of Kyrgyz ethnicity have killed over 2000 ethnic Uzbeks in Osh and Jalolobod, burned down their houses, raped girls as young as 5 years old. US, Western and even Russian journalists who have been in the region admit they had never seen brutalities of such a scale. There are lots of videos now circulating on Youtube about these atrocities. One video is showing an Uzbek burning and a group of Kyrgyz circling him and making fun and even kicking him. Just go to Youtube and type "Osh".

The conflict has resulted in 400 thousand refugees. 100 thousand of which fled to neighboring Uzbekistan. The Uzbek government has been kind enough to open borders, to set up refugees camps and providing them with food. Uzbeks from around the world are making donations whether in money or cloth to their brothers and sisters from Kyrgyzstan.

We think some forces caused a provocation to incite this ethnic conflict of two Turkic, Muslim, brotherly nations.

However the United States and Russia have been silent all these days despite so many Uzbeks have been killed. US may be afraid of losing its airbase in Manas if it puts too much pressure on the Kyrgyz government and the Russians may be playing a game to increase its control and influence in Central Asia.

We think it is imperative to send peacekeeping troops to ensure the safety and security of Osh and Jalolobod so that Uzbek refugees can go back to their homes. An independent international investigation is needed to identify causes of the conflict and who was behind it. There are indications that some elements of the Kyrgyz army and police used forced against Uzbeks. A massive humanitarian aid is needed for the refugees. We are getting reports from people that those who stayed in Osh and Jalolobod are not getting international aid being sent to Kyrgyzstan. Some Kyrgyz are selling the aid and Uzbeks are too afraid to come out from the barricades for food. Some people as a result have died of hunger.

We thought it would be a great opportunity tomorrow as leaders of Russia and USA are meeting in Washington to raise this issue through a rally and try to get the attention of the US media which will be covering Medvedev's visit.

We think Obama must deal with this problem. He's been too busy with clean-up efforts because of the oil spill, but human lives should be more important than the wildlife.

Dear Uighur brothers and sisters,

if you can, please support us at this rally.

We are meeting around 10 am on the park side of the White House, not the Washington monument side.

Thank you!

23-06-10, 23:18
This rally should take place in front of the Uzbek embassy instead. Why Uzbekistan has kept silent? Since Kyrgizstan could not protect the Uzbek citizens, Uzbekistan should help stop the violence since it is only 3 miles away from Osh and get out of there before others start to make noise of "invasion". That incident clearly effected the national interests of Uzbekistan in major way. It has a right to protest itself. Stopping ethnic cleansing is not a crime, people would understand it. Besides, everybody understands that it is an arbitrary border drawn up the Russian colonialists. Why do you expect US or Russia will care while Uzbekistan does not? Yes, it provided shelter for 100k people, but it could do much more. It could have stopped the massacre.

25-06-10, 14:07
This rally should take place in front of embassy of Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan, period! The organizer should consult with Uyghur organization before finalized their decision for this rally, they should learn do something in right way.

Uzbekistan government and its army not only have responsibility and obligation to protect Uzbek people and prevent this ethnic conflict, but capable to stop this massacre. So Uzbek government, Kyrgyz government and those inhuman mobs should take all responsibility for this tragedy!