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London Uyghur Ansambili bu yil 7-ayning 8 we 9- kunliri Norwigiyening FØrde shehride otkuzulidighan "Zulum we Erkinlik" FØrde 2010- yilliq xelq'araliq sen'et bayrimida Uyghur sen'etliridin konsert beridu.


London Uyghur Ensemble performs for the "Freedom & Opression" FØrde Festival 2010 in Forde, Norway

Venue details:

Thursday 8 July 20:00-21:30 PM Freedom and oppression Hall, Forde House

Thursday 8 July 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM SUMMER NIGHT ON J∅lster J∅lstramuseet, Vassenden. Bus from Forde House 22.15, returning after the concert.

Friday 9 July 2010 2:00 PM. to 3:00 PM Haarklousalen, Old Bank Kr 170/50. The festival pass for $ 100/50.

The London Uyghur Ensemble

London Uyghur Ensemble plays traditional Uyghur music from Central Asia. The group is based in London and composed of musicians from western China and Kyrgyzstan, as well as Uyghur music enthusiasts from Britain.

The music of Uyghurs is closely related to other Central Asian musical traditions, but also to music across the Muslim world. The song style is highly ornamented, and often uses asymmetrical rhythms and ecstatic prose, as is often found in Sufi-influenced music. The various Uyghur regions have their own distinctive style and repertoire that extends from pure pentatonic melodies in the east to the more modal and complex repertoire of Kashgar.

Uyghur is a little known, but numerous minority that inhabits the great desert and mountain region of China’s Xinjiang region, also called East Turkistan. Despite continuous economic, social and cultural discrimination, the music and culture of the Uyghurs flourishes. Some of the musicians in London Uyghur Ensemble came to Britain as refugees, but they have tried to preserve their cultural heritage by starting this ensemble.

London Uyghur Ensemble: Rahima Mahmut vocals, dance | Nizamidin Sametov tambur | Rachel Harris dutar | Rustam Saliev dap | Kamil Abbas rawap | Yalckun Abdurehim dance

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[] "FØrde Festival 2010" organiser's website:


[] How to find the "FØrde Festival" venue:


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Førde shehri heqqide melumat

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Førde kommune
Website www.forde.kommune.no

Data from Statistics Norway

Førde is a municipality in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. It is located in the traditional district of Sunnfjord. The administrative center is the town of Førde which in 2009 had 11,248 inhabitants.[2]

Førde Airport, Bringeland is the regional airport (16 kilometres from the town centre) and flights connect Oslo and Bergen with Førde. The largest hospital in Sogn og Fjordane county and the regional offices of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation are located in the town. The International Førde Folk Music Festival is held each summer. The local newspaper is called Firda.


Map of Førde from google:


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Norwigiyediki konsertqa bardighan uyghurlar:

London Uyghur Ansambilining Førdefestivalen 2010 Konsertige kirish belitini internet arqiliq setiwalalaydikensiz.

adresi bu:


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nowigiyediki uyghurla salam. bu oyunning baliti kanqe pulke bilidiganla bu yerge yezip koyghan bolsangla. rahmat.

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chonglarning 170 kron,balilarning 50 kron,narvesen we seven elleven magizinlardin algili bolidiken weyaki www.billetservice.no den elinglar lykketil med festivalin!

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Pining for the Fjords: Førde Festival Bringing the World to Norway

As the World Cup winds up its run this weekend - pick one - a) transcending or b) putting a sharper focus on the tensions and divisions of global geopolitics, more than 25,000 people will be gathering in a small town tucked along a fjord in western Norway to do both. And without all those fake injury dramatics.

Every July since 1990, the town of Førde has hosted a wide variety of musical acts from all over the globe in its Førde Festival, with lineups that have come to rival those of the top such events in other, larger and more known locales.

And each year, the conclave has taken on a theme, this time being Freedom and Oppression, as played out in the presence of such relevant acts as the Kurdish Iranian family ensemble the Kamkars, Roma-rooted Balkan brass titans Boban i Marko Markovic and an England-based group of exiled Uyghur musicians from the steppes of China among them.

"This year, with 'Freedom and Oppression' as the theme, we focus on cultures where musicians - and often people in general - have been oppressed, like the Samis in the Nordic countries, the Gypsies in Eastern Europe, the Garifuna people in Honduras, the Palestinian people in the Middle East, the Uyghur people from China, the Jews in many countries and the Kurdish people," says Hilde Bjørkum, managing and artistic director of the festival. "Also Malouma, from Mauritania, who has met problems because of the content of her songs, singing about AIDS and women's rights, for example."


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Festivalguide 2010


Du er her: Program » Program 2010

Festivalguide 2010

Torsdag 8. juli

Kl 20.00-21.30 Opningskonsert: FRIDOM og undertrykking Idrettshallen, Førdehuset NOK 300 / - / 50 Link

Kl 22.00-24.00 Dansen går i Førdehuset Festsalen, Førdehuset NOK 150 Link

Kl 23.00-02.00 Sommarnatt på Jølster Jølstramuséet, Vassenden NOK 250 / 150 /50 Link

Fri entré Kl 11.30-12.00 På sporet av FRIDOM - opning festivalutstilling Festplassen Fri entré

Kl 12.00-13.20 Musikk i sentrum Førde Sentrum Fri entré

Kl 15.00-16.00 Musikk i sentrum Torgscena ved Førde Torg Fri entré

Kurs / Påmelding / Anna Kl 18.00-19.30 Festivalfilm: Buddha kollapset i ren skam Lisjesalen, Førdehuset 57 72 19 00

Kl 15.00-18.00 Kurs Gå til kurssida her
Sjå eigen kursomtale

Kl 13.00-17.00 Førdekonferansen 2010 Rica Sunnfjord Hotell Påmelding her

Fredag 9. juli

Kl 12.30-13.30 Väsen Festsalen, Førdehuset 170/100/50 Link

Kl 12.30-13.30 Lars-Ánte Kuhmunen band Pikant 170/100/50 Link

Kl 14.00-15.00 På tvers av Atlanteren Kristiansenhuset, Hafstadvegen 31 170/100/50 Link

Kl 14.00-15.00 Annbjørg Lien & Bjørn Ole Rasch Teatersalen, FH 170/100/50 Link

Kl 14.00-15.00 London Uyghur Ensemble Haarklousalen, Gamlebanken 170/100/50 Link

Kl 15.30-16.30 Ole Bull i verda Kinosalen, Førdehuset 200/120/50 Link

Kl 15.30-16.30 Malouma Festsalen, Førdehuset 170/100/50 Link

Kl 17.00-18.00 Jorda rundt på 60 minutt Pikant 200/120/50 Link

Kl 17.00-18.00 Cimarron Teatersalen, Førdehuset 170/100/50 Link

Kl 17.00-18.00 Norsk Konfekt Haarklousalen, Gamlebanken NOK 170/100/50 Link

Kl 18.30-19.30 The Kamkars Kinosalen, Førdehuset 170/100/50 Link

Kl 18.30-19.30 Gjermund Larsen Trio Festsalen, Førdehuset 170/100/50 Link

Kl 20.30-21.30 Altan Idrettshallen, Førdehuset 230/ - /50 Link

Kl 22.00-00.30 Dansen går i Førdehuset Festsalen, Førdehuset 150 Link

Kl 22.00-01.00 Frigg/ Aurelio Martinez*/ Dj99 Utekonsert på Festplassen 230/130/50 Link

Kl 24.00-01.00 Draumkvedet Førde kyrkje 170/100/50 Link

Kl 24.00-01.30 Columbi Egg Restaurant Hugleik, RSH 170/100/50 Link

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bu heptidiki eng qiziq tema NOWEGIYE we UYGHUR!