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27-04-10, 09:59
The Mother of Uighur Music: Twelve Muqam

Known as the "mother of Uighur music," the "Twelve Muqam" has a long history. Some scholars believe its origin can be traced back to the "Great Western Region Melody" that flourished during the Han (206BC-AD220) and Tang (618-907) dynasties and enjoyed a high popularity in Central China.

In the mid-16th century, aided by other musicians, the imperial concubine Amannisa Hanim of the Yarkand Saidia Khanate, who was also an esteemed poetess and musician, devoted all her efforts to collecting and compiling Muqam music, which was then scattered across Uygur-populated areas. She finally worked out 12 grand, yet light and entertaining compositions that are now known as the "Twelve Muqam."

The music of other ethnic groups is no match for the gigantic and neatly arranged system of the "Twelve Muqam." Strictly following the astronomical ..................................