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05-04-10, 20:22
Dear Uyghurs,

I am quite a simple and straightforward person. There are not too many shades of grey in this world for me, and complexities give me a headache. As such, I will do my best to make this address as simple and straightforward as possible. I confess, I have a lot of hatred in my heart. But most of this hatred is largely targeted at one source: the Chinese government. In fact, I donít think hate is a strong enough word to convey quite what I feel towards this government and everything that it stands for. I will not elaborate on details Iím sure you are all too familiar with, and mostly share. Nothing in this world has had the misfortune of vacating the Chinese governmentís top spot on my most-hated list, but few have come daringly close. And the topic of this address is one of those few. In fact, it is you. Let me explain myself, before the wrong people are offended and the right ones are misguided. Not everyone who reads this falls under this category, but some of you who do fall in this category will read this, and for the latter I suggest you pay careful attention here. For the former, this can simply serve as awareness that people such as those exist among us and actively struggle against us or it may just be an amusing way to pass the time, either of which Iím happy to provide.

This is not a plea, nor is it a demand. This is my humble opinion, truly from the bottom of my hate-filled heart, on those of you who are a special breed. This is a lesson of enlightenment for those who badly need it. I am concerned that some among us have severe delusions about who they truly are and I would like to help them understand and perhaps bring some clarification. I will not name names, like the recipients of this address often do, but the guilty among you know who you are. I will also not leave room for any doubt, and will provide specific qualities that you possess so as to separate you as distinctly as possible from the mass majority of us who unfortunately suffer under the false depiction you make of Uyghurs in general. So, without further ado, I offer a few specific traits that many of you share and they are as follows:

1) A Superiority Complex:
Where do you even find the justification for such an attitude? Please get off your high horses and realize that you are no better than the person next to you, regardless of their gender, size, economic status, race, or educational background (or lack thereof). Ironically, those of you that adopt a superior attitude only succeed in making yourselves inferior to those you wish to intimidate, bully, or deceive. Think of yourselves as superior to your weaknesses or your sins, but not to your fellow Uyghurs.

2) Anonymity (especially in these message boards):
Ah, what a beautiful concept. The power to say what you want without the consequence of a backlash. Truly a cowardís idea of heaven. Even if one is right, it takes guts to share your thoughts with the world with your name attached at the end. Please everyone, be mindful to keep a leash on your thoughts; they are yours after all, they should be accredited as such. If you are so ashamed or afraid of what you have to say that you would share them anonymously, why say it at all? Man up and own up.

3) Shameless Self-Promotion using the Uyghur Cause
I am ashamed that such a thing exists, truly I am. It should be the other way around; we should all be shamelessly promoting the Uyghur Cause by using ourselves. You should not tell people of our terrible plight to secure a job or get an education, you should secure a job and receive an education to be able to raise awareness or our plight more effectively. You should not offer your services to the Cause once in a blue moon, only to ask for a reference or recommendation at the end and disappear for the next span of time until you need another recommendation or reference. Iím sorry to be the one to give you the rude awakening: your country comes before you; not the other way around.

4) Always Picture-Ready but Never Ready for Work
Do you find yourself in many pictures at Uyghur events, but canít seem to quite remember what you did or why you were in it? Well you may be suffering from a case of what I call ďimpeccable timing.Ē You catch wind of an event for the Uyghur cause, show up at the last minute, say a few well-chosen words and appear at the forefront of all the cameras, regardless of the fact that you gave little to no effort towards the cause. You are aware that, to some ignorant fools, appearance is everything and you take full advantage of this fact. Though, given that you are shameless enough to do this comes with the presumption that you have no real support for the Cause and are simply making blatant use of attribute # 3 (above).

5) The crucial difference between the ďeducatedĒ and the truly knowledgeable.
Formal education is important. It is a beautiful thing, giving opportunity to many. However, it is not necessary, nor is it even necessarily conducive to knowledge and wisdom. Not everyone that is formally educated can be said to be knowledgeable and not everyone that is knowledgeable can be said to be formally educated. Formal education (institutional education) primarily serves as a vehicle for those who cannot attain knowledge on their own, or have difficulty doing so. Those of you who are formally educated, and have taken it upon yourselves to demean those who are not, ironically have accumulated less knowledge in all your years of school than the very people you look down upon. For all your money spent, all the time wasted on rote memorization, you are less wise and probably more the fool than before you began your formal education. For all your show of numerous degrees-merely polished pieces of paper-there is a lack of real knowledge present. True intelligence forgoes the need to prove it to others.

6) Hypocritical complaints
This applies to those of you who always seem so quick to complain about the manner in which things are done or not done regarding the Uyghur cause, but are completely blind to the fact of your own inactivity. You spend hours upon hours making such complaints under the guise of someone who is genuinely concerned about the fate of our people, yet you could be spending that valuable time sending a letter to a congressmen, writing up a petition, raising awareness for others or for yourself, or really doing anything else that is actually productive. Your tirelessness and devotion to such a worthless, pathetic endeavor never ceases to amaze me. Your motivation and dedication to talking the talk would work wonders for the cause if you applied it to walking the walk. Actions speak louder than words, so act. At the very least, give some credence to your speech and have something to back it up; something that doesnít just come out of your mouth (anonymously, at that).

7) The Blame Game
Youíve most definitely played this game at one point or another. You may even play it all the time. But hypocrisy is active here as well (it seems hypocrisy governs a large part of your lives). You either share credit where credit may not be due or you blame a target where blame should have been shared. For you, it is so easy to take credit and dole out blame. Either share all the credit and all blame, or target both. It is not only illogical and unfair to share credit but target blame, it is downright stupid and wrong. Consistency is key. Better yet I would say, donít play this game at all. Thereís nothing more wasteful than sitting around figuring out whom to blame or to show up to argue whoís to credit, when your people are dying. Did you do something worth crediting? Wonderful, keep at it. Did you do something worth blaming? Thatís okay, people make mistakes; just donít make the same ones again.

So take a look around, or merely look in the mirror. Do you or someone else qualify for any or all of the above? Then you have a problem. But first you must recognize it yourself. The guilty among you know you who you are. People like you make me ashamed to call myself Uyghur at times. But I have to remember that you do not represent us. You are merely the vocal minority, and though I would typically ignore such trivialities that define your lives, it has recently become too noisy for me to focus on the important things, like the human rights and freedom of our people. And it is high time we silence this noise, because the true enemy here should not be amongst us. Uyghurs neither have the time nor the luxury to expend upon traitors from within when they have to stand united against a 1-billion strong government that is hell-bent upon their destruction.

Though this minority is an ugly blemish upon our nation, the true essence of Uyghuristan lies with the vast majority of the Uyghurs who never cease to amaze, inspire, and motivate me. Those of you who fight silently and resiliently, those of you who have sacrificed so much and continue to sacrifice for the sake of our people, I salute you. I will not name names here, for the list would be endless, but you are the emblems of everything that I cherish as Uyghur and for that I am proud to be among a nation of patriots.

I cannot stress enough that in writing this, I represent myself and myself alone. I am confident that I will be receiving much criticism (constructive or otherwise), all of which should be directed at myself and myself alone. I was highly advised against publishing this, and even more so against publishing it with my name. But in publishing anonymously, I would be committing the very same hypocrisy practiced by those I condemn in this address. As such, you will see my name at the end of this address, if you have been patient enough to get that far.
Keep in mind that I expect you to show me the same courtesy I extend to you. Thus, I will not be wasting my time reading or responding to any anonymous comments, regardless of content. If you disagree with me in anyway then I suggest you overcome your cowardice and write to me directly and defend your views with full authority and accountability.

Your dutifully concerned fellow Uyghur,

Kekenus Sidik
Email: Kekenus.sidik@gmail.com

05-04-10, 21:29
When I began reading, I thought it was you writing. Superb write! As an Uighur, I really appreciate your concerns and hope that those who read this take the hint and better themselves. It seems that to actually event thinking about reforming our nation, we must first reform ourselves. You pointed out a lot of areas where we could improve in order to become better uighurs and even better human beings. Thanks!
-H. Uyghur

05-04-10, 23:18
Thank you, we really needed this.

06-04-10, 01:25
I feel like he is blaming/critisizing person like me in the class of anonimity. Because I never use my real name. Sometimes I wrote out my opinion for wise people to consider. I don't want the credit if I am happened to be right, and I never know if I am right or not in many cases, I just write out what I thought. I don't address my real name, part of the reason is I don't want to get into conflict with other that I knew, to be hornest.

I am not offending. Many who do want to express and willing to share thoughts and opinions (may not be the best), and many who do want to read the commens from others and benifit from it so could help more on uyghur case. This is something I think will work without a real name signed.

If you are dedicated to be a leadership in Uyghur human rights, I agree, it is better sign your name all the time. For those who came here as a participant and observor, I hope anonymous is acceptable. If you want to know the commenor maybe you can leave a message by replying the post that disturbing you. That is up to that commenor's will if he/she want to expose themself to you or other. People has different personalities and ways to express. Please allow this.

If we need a change of this website and requiring every poster to use real name. What I am worried is that there will be more reader than poster from then on. Do we have a right of anonimity? Or, maybe suggest UAA to open a new page for registered member only.

I personally appraciate those who use their real name and their dedication. But, I believe many who is struggling as well prefer to be unnamed so they could better express freely. If you don't like their post, I feel sorry, and you always have the right to commen in the current webpage format.

I understand your feeling and hope your stress level reduced a bit after you publish this. Some people do have problem in language and skills to secure a job who came to this country without many training and lack of help. I do encourage those people to make contacts and seeking help, do not feel shame to address uyghurs issue that maybe the real cause why you are here and why you need help to be able to learn and master the skills required to make a live here. However, I agree, NOT put those issues into your job seeking materials may offer better chance in many cases. For those who came here not because of this reason, be hornest to yourself is the best. Not everyone is well trained from the begining, many of us come here to recieve training to survive and then to live better and help out.

Above is just my opinion, may not be right. Please do not critisize me too much. I like to be praised like everyone else.

A. uighur

06-04-10, 01:33

I believe most of what you wrote is true and it applies to all communities not just the Uyghurs but you have highlighted some specific attributes that we as Uyghurs should change within ourselves if we are really sincere in helping the Uyghurs of East Turkistan.

As I am in Australia ive come across a minority of people who feel that there perception of the world is correct and others who have a difference of opinion to them are wrong and should be silenced.

I think the important point is that Uyghurs should be sincere in their efforts for the Uyghur cause and not do it for popularity, fame, money or position. There are a small minority that continue to back bite and slander individuals and even the organisation as a whole which is very counter productive.

I can not believe that they have time to gossip, slander and back bite when so much work needs to be done to raise the awarness of the Uyghurs. While these individuals are causing a rift between the Uyghurs the Chinese are busy in there assault to eradicate the Uyghurs from East Turkistan.

We should put our efforts in fighting the injustices that is occuring in ET rather then slander our own people which I think is much easy to do and is usually done by people who are ignorant and oblivious to the suffering of the Uyghurs.