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Uyghur Diplomat
05-04-10, 03:58
How play diplomacy with Chinese ?

It is great topic to start still; every beginning has its start!
Before we set off we have to observe the way to play , to see the approach to play we have to have a preparation!
It means learn to play it! How? Good question! now we are coming to the main issue!
It is simple (at least looks simple, but it needs great effort though)
Read these books before you start! It is not bluffing it is the reality or you are a loser!
Tao Te Ching
The Art of War Sun Bin: The Art of War
Tang Poems
The Analects
Doctrine of the Mean
The Great Learning
Classic of Filial PietyYou find in here (http://www.zhongwen.com/gudian.htm)
__________________________________________________ _________________________
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
A Dream of Red Mansions (in English Vols. I II III)
Journey to the West (in English, 3 Vols Set, Hardcover)
Outlaws of the Marsh (5 volumes)
The Scholars (Chinese-English, I II III)
Analects of Confucius with Modern Chinese and English Translation
Chinese Sages Series: Four Books

you can these in here (http://www.cgcmall.com/SearchResults.asp)

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