View Full Version : bogus emails from 'DUQ'

30-03-10, 05:56

dear Uyghur i wonder has there anyone recently received bogus emails claiming to be from the DUQ?

in the last 3 days or so, i have got a couple of emails from DUQ including a personal email from Dolkun Isa in which one is regarding telephone conference and other is one being a call for demonstration in the memory of Barin uprising etc. My initial reaction was onviously a very skeptical and checked the sender before i delete it stright away!
it was something like ********@163.com and another one is **********@alibaba.com. funny enough it has contained a file as an attatchmeent. I dont think Dolkun is using blooody chinese email accounts......

not only that i found out that next day when i logged into my hotmail account someone or some automated program has attempted to reset my persoanl password. the message from MSN indicates this clearly as a malicous attatck.

only thing i can think of where they could possibly get my email address is from faceebook. because, i have recently started using it. it could be from anywhere else, but just a thing to consider!

I hope to warn others and also would like to share your opinions about this. Please, make sure, you delete them stright away!


A Uyghur Student