View Full Version : 7,509 signatures on petition to UN SG Ban Ki-moon by the 1st anniversary of 7-5-09!

Kathy Polias
23-03-10, 00:25
Dear list members:

I hope you are well. This is Kathy Polias from the Uyghur American Association (UAA)
(www.uyghuramerican.org) writing. The 1st anniversary of the horrific events of July 5, 2009 is coming up in three and a half months. LET'S COLLECT 7,509 SIGNATURES/ENDORSEMENTS ON A PETITION TO UN SECRETARY-GENERAL BAN KI-MOON BY THE 1ST ANNIVERSARY OF 7-5-2009! An online version of the petition is at www.gopetition.com/manage.php?petid=34794.

This petition is a slightly modified version of the petition to UN SG Ban that we posted a little over a
month ago. It urges UN SG Ban Ki-moon to make a public statement regarding the human rights violations committed by the Chinese government during and in the aftermath of the July 2009 events in Urumchi. The signatures/endorsements will be sent to UN SG Ban as they accumulate. Hopefully, SG Ban will take the requested actions even before July 5, 2010.

7,509 signatures in three and a half months (till July 5, 2010)….let’s do it!

Online version of petition on GoPetition.com

To sign the online petition, go to www.gopetition.com/manage.php?petid=34794. The online petition is configured so that signatures will not be displayed online/publicly. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on “Sign Petition”, and fill in the required information (first and last name, city, country, e-mail address). We didn’t make “state” required because we will have signatories from countries that do not have states, but if you live in the United States, please input your state as well. Then read the notice and click "Sign".

PLEASE CIRCULATE THE PETITION WIDELY. Send the petition link to your friends, family members,
and co-workers, and to other concerned individuals. If you belong to any human rights or civil rights e-
mail lists, forward the link to those lists. Upload the petition to your Facebook page or post it on Twitter by scrolling down to the bottom of the petition, clicking on the Facebook icon (“f”) or Twitter icon ("t"), and following a few directions. Let's send the petition far and wide!

Pdf version of petition

If you would like to manually collect signatures/endorsements on the petition at your school, workplace,
place of workship, community center, etc., print out copies of the petition attached hereto as a pdf file.
Ask signatories to fill in all the information – first and last name, city, state (if he/she lives in a country
that has states), and country. Send completed petitions to UAA’s office at:

Uyghur American Association, 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006

The signatures must be on the same page as the body of the petition. Please refrain from having people sign on a separate page and attaching the page to the petition. Because of the length of the petition, there was only room to put 5 lines at the bottom. Please print out enough petitions for the number of signatories. For instance, for 10 signatories, print out 2 copies of petition. For 15 people, print out 3 copies. For 20 people, print out 4 copies, so on and so forth.

The signatures you collect manually will be counted towards the goal of 7,509. Your help is greatly
needed to reach this goal.

Thank you so much, everyone!

Best wishes,
Kathy Polias
United Nations Liaison/Communications Specialist
Uyghur American Association (www.uyghuramerican.org)