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Amy Reger
16-03-10, 16:41
Request for information related to July 5 unrest and subsequent detentions

The Uyghur Human Rights Project is collecting first- and second-hand accounts from Uyghurs in the diaspora regarding human rights abuses that took place on and after July 5, 2009, related to the July 5 unrest in Urumchi. If you or someone you know personally have information regarding repression or abuses related to July 5, including arbitrary detentions of family members or friends, please contact UHRP so that we can document this information and include it in an upcoming report. If you are willing, we may ask you to come in for a research interview, or, if that is not possible, conduct an interview by telephone.

Interpreters will be arranged for interviews that cannot be conducted in English or Chinese, as the authors of the report do not speak Uyghur.

We will keep all identifying details confidential, and all information we receive will be kept securely.
It is vital that we hear from you, so that we can publish a well-researched, comprehensive account of the July 5 abuses in East Turkestan.

We are also soliciting unpublished pictures and video footage related to the unrest in Urumchi and other cities on July 5 and the following days and weeks. Photos may be e-mailed to info@uhrp.org. For other methods of transmitting photos to us, or to transmit video footage, please call our offices at the numbers below.

Writers and interviewers: Amy Reger and Henryk Szadziewski, Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP)

Telephone: 202-349-1495 (for Amy) and 202-349-1494 (for Henryk); please call 202-349-1446 for UHRP director Alim Seytoff to speak in Uyghur
Fax: 202-349-1491
Skype: henryk.szadziewski or imamyreger
E-mail correspondence from interview subjects is not recommended, due to security concerns.

16-03-10, 18:28
Hi Amy,

If you want to get such info, you need to post your note in Uyghur as well. Not many people on this board speak/read/understand english. You need to have Alim or some one to translate this note to Uyghur and post here. This is a very important task you are doing here.