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Kathy Polias
11-03-10, 14:40
Hello everyone:

I just want to write and thank all of the people who attended the rally for Uyghur women's rights that we held near the UN on Tuesday, March 9th. I particularly want to thank all of the Uyghurs who came all the way from Washington, DC and other far-away places to attend the rally. It really moved me that all of you spent so many hours travelling to attend a 2-hour rally. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. In addition, I want to thank our amazing speakers. We will be organizing several rallies this spring for Uyghurs near the UN because there are many things happening at the UN that are relevant to Uyghurs. We have to be as visible around the UN as possible. Visibility is really the number one thing.


11-03-10, 14:57
Dear Kathy,

Thank you from the very bottom of our heart for all your effort, energy and spirit !
You are the best!

with Regards,