View Full Version : Fund-raising update for Kurban Turdi

Turdi Ghoja
05-12-05, 22:14
Dear friends,

I want to brief you on the fund-raising effort for Kurban Turdi.

Overall, it has been a quite successful campaign. As of today, Dec 5, we have raised $3000, half of which was already sent. On top of that, I got a pledge for up to $1500 from a friend in DC on a condition that we raise at least another $800 to fill the remaining gap. That means we have reduced the barrier between life and death for Kurban Turdi to just $800! We, the Uyghur communities in abroad, particularly in US, have stood up to our reputation and got very close to giving a special gift to a promising young writer and composer. In fact, we are giving a gift not just to Kurban Turdi but to all of our people, because Kurban Turdi is a gift to our people. I trust he will make their lives and our lives richer with his exceptional talents.

Before we open the champaign, let's finish the remaining journey first. Remember, your $20, $30 or $50 does count, in a big way, and means a lot to a brother who is counting on you for his life. We as a community are counting on you. If you have not got a chance to contribute yet, please do so now. Please pass this information on to others in your area and take the initiative to mobilize them. We can make a difference together, one precious life at a time!

Thank you,

with warmest regards,


Turdi Ghoja
05-12-05, 22:37
Please make your donation payable to: New Silk Road
and mail it to the following address:

TOSSA Education Fund
6509 Elnido Drive
McLean, VA 22101