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Kathy Polias
11-02-10, 16:31
Hello everyone:

I hope you are well. This is Kathy from the Uyghur American Association. As we've noted, mobiliziing many concerned individuals from all over the world to contact the UN and the missions/delegations to the UN about the Uyghurs is really vital and crucial to UN advocacy. We are trying to post the actions to UN SG Ban Ki-moon and European Union officials on many human rights-related, Uyghur-related, China-related, and Tibet-related e-mail lists and message boards. I will also be reaching out to volunteer human rights groups around the world very soon and asking them to participate in these actions. Please help us to distribute these actions widely. If you would like me to forward the action to a particular e-mail list/message board, please respond to this posting and send the link.

I set up two online petition versions of the actions that have been posted to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and to the European Union officials. They are worded similarly to the letter actions. I set them up so that signatures will NOT be displayed online. As the petitions accumulate signatures, I will transmit them to the Office of the UN Secretariat and the European Union.

For the petition to UN SG Ban Ki-moon, go to: www.gopetition.com/online/33991.html
If you live in a European Union country and are interested in signing the petition to EU officials, go to: www.gopetition.com/online/34031.html

Thank you so much everyone.

Best wishes,

Kathy Polias
United Nations Liaison/Communications Specialist
Uyghur American Association
Cell phone number: 347-285-6546
E-mail: kpolias@uyghuramerican.org
Mailing address and facsimile: 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 300,
Washington, DC 20006, Fax No: (202) 349-1491
Website: www.uyghuramerican.org

11-02-10, 23:54
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12-02-10, 00:25
If you know a mailing list, please send to her email address. Don't post here.