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02-02-10, 20:46

02-02-10, 22:40
(Stockholm, Sweden) According to the Swedish Intelligence Service, SÄPO, foreign spies and espionage operations are rife in Sweden.
It's been revealed that between ten and twenty foreign government's are carrying out spying work in Sweden on refugees from their own country who live here.

Since 1995 ten foreign diplomats have been expelled from Sweden for carrying out unlawful spying activities, mostly directed against refugees.
Although it's been confirmed that up to a score of nations spy in Sweden, news reports have focused on the efforts of the Chinese who seem particularly obsessed with chasing and watching Uighurs (Uyghurs) worldwide.
A Chinese man will go on trial next week, charged with spying on Uyghur refugees in Sweden.

The man, a Swedish-based Uyghur journalist is accused of passing on detailed information to Chinese authorities regarding refugees in Sweden from China's Uyghur minority, including former prisoners of the US Guantanamo Bay facility who were found to be innocent.

The public prosecutor in the case says that preventing Uyghur’s released from US custody from getting asylum in Sweden has been a high priority for China which continues to treat the former prisoners as terrorists.
Since the Chinese Uighur population has been linked to al-Qaeda, it's logical to support China in its efforts to prevent terrorism. On the other hand, it's also reasonable to view the Uighurs as an oppressed segment of the Chinese population, similar to the Tibetans and the Christians, and thereby feel outrage on the denial of human rights.

In final analysis, however, the ChiComs going after the Uighurs is arguably a glass-half-full/glass-half-empty situation and America's interests are likely best served in the near-term by supporting and applauding the ChiCom suppression of Islamic fundamentalism.

In any event, having a spy infiltrate the Uighurs in Sweden indicates the global reach of Chinese espionage. It's a safe bet that Chinese spies are everywhere.