View Full Version : Turkey’s policy draws Chinese praise over Uighur dispute

27-01-10, 19:36
Turkey’s policy draws Chinese praise over Uighur dispute

27-01-10, 20:16
If they called autonomous region, then uyghur should autonomous instead of Han chinese in charge of almost everything in Xinjiang. If they realy let Uyghur autonomous, Uyghur could feel they are enjoying the real power over their life, I bet the situation would be a lot more better for both CHina and Uyghur, and the real 'bridge' will function well. Otherwise, the bridge will be just weak or gone, as Han chinese control everything. That is root cause of uyghur independent movement. Chinese never trying to figure that out, but over react to many non independent movement or political and human rights of uyghurs. Majority Uyghur resent to Han chinese rule, instead of 15 years ago, that was just a very tiny proportion. This article confirmed the association of Uyghur and other turks, at least as a bridge level in association with Han chinese dominated CHina. Also confirmed that the vital uyghur's status in the relationship with china and Turks. The Turkish react to the 7.5 event to the chinese govenment fully demonstrated thier concern the bridge and consolidated their attitude toward China. Uyghur do have friends and brothers who support them.