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24-11-05, 13:00
Pakistan probes threat to hotels in China, Hong Kong
24 Nov 2005 12:25:24 GMT
Source: Reuters
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ISLAMABAD, Nov 24 (Reuters) - Pakistani security forces are investigating an anonymous threat of attacks on hotels in Hong Kong and mainland China in response to a request by the Chinese authorities, intelligence sources said on Thursday.

The threat was made in a letter bearing the name Ali Rizvi that was faxed to the Chinese consulate in Karachi just over three weeks ago, according to the sources.

The U.S. embassy in Beijing subsequently issued a warning to citizens frequenting four or five star hotels in China, advising them to be vigilant.

"The letter mentioned possible attacks in Hong Kong and not in Pakistan. But there is no evidence it was a genuine threat," said Tasnim Aslam, Pakistan's foreign ministry spokeswoman.

But Pakistani investigators suspect a connection with a small, militant Muslim separatist group called East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a senior intelligence officer told Reuters.

ETIM is based in China's western Xinjiang province, home to the Turkic-speaking ethnic Uighur minority, and it has links to the separatist World Uighur Congress.

"We do know that some Chinese extremists from Xinjiang are residing in some major cities of Pakistan," the intelligence official said, adding that the organisations were not based here.

"They are only a few individuals who are trying to create panic and we will get hold of those active in Karachi very soon," he said.

Two years ago, Pakistani troops killed an ETIM leader in the South Waziristan region of Pakistan, as part of a campaign against al Qaeda linked militants and tribal sympathisers hiding out close to the border with Afghanistan.

Pakistani authorities have cracked down on Uighur settlements in the past and a handful of Uighurs have been sent back to China in the last three years, the intelligence sources said.

25-11-05, 09:40
Pakistani Government indeed did a lot of unfair stuff uighurs.
that islamic gov is a close ally of china and would do anything to kiss china's ass.