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10-11-04, 22:15
In the porpose of celebrating the Roza heit in our own ethnic style and promoting our culture, The Uyghur youth will hold a big Uyghur song and dance party in Adelaide, Australia this sunday night. I am more than delightfull to see that Uyghurs in Australia are getting active to carry on our cultural and traditional heritages.

All the Uyghurs/East Turkistanies living in Australia are invited. The representatives of South Australian government, and some Australian friends whom been assosiated with Uyghurs will attend the party too. Personally I will go there despite I am living in Melbourne, which is 720 kms away. Hope Uyghurs keep their ethnic values forever and pass it to generations...


Mor Cultural Activities of Uyghur in
11-11-04, 00:56
Another news:

Uighur children (ages from 4 to 12 ) from Uighur Language School of Australia (Located in Adelaide city) has been honourably invited to perform Uighur traditional cultural performances (by dressing up traditional Uighur clothes- this was one of essential requirement for the performance) in opening session of UNESCO conference, which will be held on 29th of Nov. - 2nd Dec.2004, in Adelaide, Australia.

There will be representatives (including scholars, educators etc.etc.) from 31 countries around the world, who would take part in that Conference.

Hope every Uighur in every corner of the world try their best to make a difference for the rightful cause of Uighur/East Turkestanis movement.