View Full Version : Where is the post!!!!!!!!!!!

12-11-05, 18:33
Hello there, where is the recent posts??
Deleted by mistake or what?

14-11-05, 13:13
my post is lost too.

what is happining here?

is this a free frum?

14-11-05, 13:14
is this a free forum?

14-11-05, 22:30
you are not charged, are you?

is this a free forum?

15-11-05, 06:12
nice trick, but bullshit!!

what i mean by "free" is not the matter you charge me or not. I don't think we uighurs are on the position that charge someone for participating in a discussion about uighur freedom. at least not for the near future.

what i mean by "free forum" is that uighurs can post their opinion freely and express our feelings without any interruption. I know that Uighur american association website created this opportunity for us, but it is essential that this website can keep it's great values and don't keep deleting posters such as "Uighuristan or East Turkistan??"