View Full Version : No home, No Hope!!!

29-12-09, 23:27
Uyghurs needed AVATAR!!!! Need to unite all Turkic people and fight against the Chinese is the only hope of defeating the enemy like Avatar... Uyghurs can't do it alone!!!! Unite all the Turkic people against the common enemy Chinese!!!! Otherwise, Uyghur's today would be tomorrow of yours!!!!

30-12-09, 06:33
Yes, Uyghurs need an AVATAR in this critical, life-defining moment! As in the movie, the only way to defeat the enemy is through uniting all Turkic people and fight against the invaders and defeat them!!! No other way as it was proven by the history!!! (Ahmat/abbas, Hojaniyaz Haji and any other sulhi-salaqilar brought us the current disasters and the almost destruction/demolition of the Uyghurs and the Uyghur culture!!!)