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Ranum from Hollywood
11-11-05, 20:15
Dear all,

Please kindly help me to get Uyghur Folk Music in mp3 format. I tried to find some by myself, but as far as I can't read Arabic and Chinese signs, I couldn't figure it out.

The music I am particullarly looking for must be recorded with Uyghur's original instruments.

As I have told before I study vocals at Musicians Institute and I haven't chosen my style, but I want to create my own with using Uyghur vocal melody style. I write my own songs.

Thank you in advance even if you are not able to help me.

Good luck everybody, please be healthy, successful and happy.

Ranum Magellan (Abdullayeva)
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Cell (323) 551-8284

Ranum from Hollywood
11-11-05, 20:31
I forgot to place my email address in case you want to direct the songs to my mail - ranum@yandex****