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Book Description
In 1944, Moslems in Yili, Xinjiang, rose up in rebellion against the Guomindang (GMD or KMT) Government in China and established the Eastern Turkestan Republic (ETR), which became part of the newly established People's Republic of China in 1949. Sparking intense separatist feelings in the region for years, the ETR in Yili is regarded today as a dynamic symbol of the East Turkestan Independence Movement. A better understanding of events between 1944-1949 in Xinjiang enables us to gain insights into the ongoing Uygur separatist movement. This study explores the historical background of the ETR, examining the domestic and international politics from which the ETR emerged, and analysing accounts of Soviet participation in the republic. Detailed analysis highlights Xinjiang politics between 1944 and 1949, and explains how and why the Chinese Communist Party was able to take over Xinjiang peacefully in 1949. This book also illustrates the interlocking pattern of ethnic disputes, government policy, foreign interference, and international rivalry in this complex event.

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