View Full Version : Han Chinese May not be Executed

Adel Uyghur
24-12-09, 18:18
In early 1980s, a group of Han Chinese PLA officials in Karghilik county of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, shot Uyghur farmer's caws to eat. When a Uyghur farmer complained and demanded compensation, the the army official killed hiom brutally. However, the official was not persecuted. Thousands of Uyghur in Karghilik protested demanding the government prosecuted him.

The government at last detained the official and after court hearing the official was sentensed to death. Thousands of Uyghurs wanted confirm the execution. In 1981, the Han Chinese official was going to be executed in Kashgar's Yengishahar. Strangely, a group of Han Chinese forcibly "rescued" him from government's execution. The government was "unable" to do the execution....

This what happens in "Xinjiang".... I suspect executions carry on for any Han Chinese crimianls who killed Uyghurs