View Full Version : Simple Proof of Chinese Lie

Adel Uyghur
24-12-09, 07:59
The Chinese government lied about the number of Uyghur death in police shooting. The government have never spoken the truth and it will never.

A simple proof of its nonsensible lie:

It has been months that the phone line to Xinjiang from other countries has been blocked. The government has never said that it was blocked, but it gives you busy signal, or long signal, or a machine which say a noisy "way" all the time. The government never admits that it has blocked phone lines to Uyghur homeland, but it usese any non-sense to deceive the world.

The Chinese government does not use a commonsense and but the world belives it and use its reports: "about 200 people died in violent attack, most ly Han Chinese".

In the last 5 months how many Uyghurs have been tortured to death? nobody knows, but I belive at least hundreds if not thousands