View Full Version : EU Presidency Statement on the forced return by Cambodia

22-12-09, 02:39
Presidency Statement on the forced return by Cambodia of asylum seekers

The Presidency of European Union is deeply concerned about the decision by the Cambodian Government to forcibly return a group of ethnic Uighur asylum seekers to China on December 19, 2009, prior to an examination of their status under international refugee law. The Government's action shows a worrying disregard for Cambodia's obligations under international law, as well as for specific undertakings given to UNHCR in this case. The Presidency urges the Cambodian Government to review its procedures for dealing with applications for asylum, in order to ensure that the procedures comply with Cambodia's obligations under international law.

The Presidency urges China to ensure that the human rights of the returned persons are respected, and to guarantee transparency and due process.

22-12-09, 13:53
What UN can do about this? Make an anouncement, that is it?