View Full Version : Deported Uighurs told UN of fears of China return

21-12-09, 14:14
Deported Uighurs told UN of fears of China return

Turdi Ghoja
21-12-09, 23:02
These people at the UNHCR are amazing. As if not being able to protect them was not enough, they provided the testimony of the 22 Uyghurs for the whole world to see. Oh, yes, they have hidden the names of the Uyghurs for their safety. But, how many 29-year old men from Kashgar among them? Just one. In fact, there are just two 29-year old me among them. The other one must be the cell-phone seller from Aksu. How many 27-year old teachers from Aksu among them? Again, just one. As a matter of fact, there is only one person among them who is 27 years old. So, thanks, UNHCR for hiding their names!!!

Based on these testimonies, those people will get additional punishment under China's law on state secrets. These testimonies are clear evidence for "revealing state secrets to foreign entities," a serious offense under Chinese penal code that calls for severe punishment. Of course, this would be in addition to the punishment for other charges the Chinese might come up with including fleeing. I guess these people at UNHCR have not heard why Rebiya Kadir was sentenced for 8 years. Are not they supposed to know a few things about major violators like China?

Is it legal to publish political asylee's testimonies, especially when the asylees are under the custody of the governments they are running from?

Our organizations have to lodge a protest with UN on this. They can't screw them twice like this!!!


One man, a 29-year-old from Kashgar, said he had taken photos and videos of the chaos on July 5 in the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi. He told of watching and filming from a roof at night as military police clashed with and shot at protesters, and Uighurs fought back with rocks. He said he saw bloodied bodies in the streets.

"I felt like I was in a battlefield. Looking down at the streets full of Uighur bodies, I thought that I was going to die," he said in his statement.

Four days later, he met a foreign reporter on the streets and agreed to turn over the photographs and video footage.

"If I am returned to China, I am sure that I will be sentenced to life imprisonment or the death penalty for my involvement in the Urumqi riots," he said in his statement.

Another 29-year-old witness, from Aksu, who had sold cell phones for a living, said he had joined some 300 protesters in the main square before hundreds of police arrived and began beating them.

"I heard shots fired and became very scared ... The next morning, I went into the street after praying. I saw blood on the streets," he said in his statement.

A third man, a 27-year-old teacher from Aksu, said that before the summer unrest he had been pressed to act as an informant by state security officials who wanted to know if his students were anti-Chinese. They asked him to monitor Uighur communist Web sites. He spent more than a year being tortured and beaten in a re-education camp.

22-12-09, 13:23
I agree with you. UNHCR is so dumb that they don't know such a little public sense? I guess there could be Chinese had there in UNHCR.
Anyway, we should protest against them. They can't act like this.
dumb assholes!

22-12-09, 14:00
Do u feel that they are all work together to prevent any leak of the truth of 7.5? What is the consequence if the world exposed with the evidences of massive killing by the govenment? Is that what they are trying to avoild?

22-12-09, 15:56
That was a very stupid thing to do. They unveiled the indentity of the ex asylum seekers. It is the duty of the UN to protect and ensure welbeing of those 20 Uyghurs. I wish I was a lawyer so i can make a case about it. UN useless, UN useless. I have to say it is very stupid to mention who they were. Do they know why people escape to other countries and seek asylum?