View Full Version : Biggest tragedy of the democracy in 21st century

19-12-09, 23:05
The sympathy over the loss of refugee status of 22 Uyghurs were poured around the world, from US to Canada, Arab land to Europe, from Australia to Indonesia. Today, we are grieving for the loss of 22 brothers and sisters who have gone so far to escape the communist proscecution. Deportation of the 20 Uyghurs by Cambodia to the hands of Chinese communists is one of the most tragic events taken place in 21st century. Unfortunately, this happened at the watch of the entire world, as world knowing that those Uyghurs would face degrading treatment and possible execution. Letting this happen by the western democracies is a clear assault to the soles of those who lost their lives for standing up for ideals of democracy and freedom in wars such as in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and all other parts of the world. This is a very unique situation that keeping silence is morally displeasing to every freedom loving people around the world. It is displeasing to those who have shed their blood for fighting evil throughout the history. Today in a most tragic way, world stood silent as the communists took those Uyghurs away from Cambodia for their unlawful treatments, disregarding all international covenants Cambodia is bound to. UN by protecting those Uyghurs would have set an example for its effectiveness in protecting human dignity and rights, unfortunately, it failed to fulfill its obligation. This is a darkest day for the Uyghur people, darkest day for the UN and western democracies. I am amazed that there is such a little news coverage of this event in major news outlets in US and the rest of the world. Help exposing the suffering of the Uyghur people and help protecting their human dignity is an most glorious thing all democracies could do. How Uyghur issue is handled and how their aspiration is treated is somehow associated with how events unfold in all war zones in the world including Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq etc. It ought to be of a biggest concern to the world as disregarding the plight of the Uyghurs just grievances could turn them into Islamic fanatics like we see in parts of Afghanistan. Remember, when those people see no light even from democratic nations such as US or Europe, they may go look for ways to arm themselves with ideals which is impossible to remove. This is a shameful day for UN and darkest day for the Uyghur people.