View Full Version : A Government of Nonsense

01-12-09, 01:30
I am writing a research paper on nonsense of Chinese government such as blocking internet and phone services for Uyghurs

I would be very appreciated if your list nonsenses you know about Chinese government for any people including Han, Tibetians, foreigners etc

01-12-09, 23:58
Apointing a Han who was born and grown up in Shandong in charging of Uyghurs
Bringing pomogranet trees from Shandong to Kashgar

Adel. Uyghur
02-12-09, 21:29
Detaining foreign nationals of Uyghur background and pressing them to be Chinese spies

03-12-09, 00:08
Blaiming Ms Rabiya Kadeer and the WUC for "riot" in Urumqi

Falsely reporting the number of swine flu cases in China